Service You Can Choose


Our Mentorship Program consists of a match pair selection between researchers, practitioners, and students in the field. Mentees are matched with mentors based on interests and position. The mentors offer guidance for a variety of topics (e.g., case consultation, funding opportunities) over the course of the academic year.


The consultation service consists of a variety of researchers, practitioners, and students in the field who are available to be contacted for a one-time consultation session. The consultation service is not ongoing. This is particularly helpful to our members who are not seeking ongoing mentorship, but need immediate guidance on a particular subject, topic or issue within the field. Consultation is provided through forum discussions or through volunteers.


Events are planned for members of the community to allow time for fellowship throughout the year. Women will be able to network with other professionals in their region and throughout the nation.

Annual Recruitment Fair

In collaboration with guidelines set forth by state and national organizations, this organization will organize to create tailored recruitment events during School Psychology Awareness Week. Events for the week will include regional presentations, social media campaigns, and virtual sessions promoting School Psychology as a career for undergraduate women from underrepresented backgrounds.

Professional Development

Members will get access to briefs, articles and blogs to support them in their practice. The organization will engage it’s members in book studies and provide free to reduce cost training on culturally responsive intervention and assessment.